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Tips for Studying Basic Statistics

  • Break down your studies into smaller chunks

You need to set aside at least 2 to 3 hours of studying every day for about six days a week. You can then take a break for a day to do other things or rest. Avoid the Habit of cramming your work for longer hours in one sitting. Ensure that you can space out your reading to retain as much information as you can.

  • Use study groups

You can utilize study groups at least weekly to go over the content you have learned with your fellow students. The process of talking and exchanging information will boost the material’s grasp because not only will you be learning from each other, but you’ll also be motivating one another. You also have a greater understanding of the concepts, and you also gained some communication skills as you try to talk to other students.

  • Avoid memorizing formulas

Ensure that you study the concepts and avoid cramming all the formulas that you can find. You should also keep it at the back of your mind that in the future, in case you need to use a technique of statistics, you can always refer back to the formula in your book.

  • Try to do as many exercises and problems as you can

Ensure that you do practice tests and practice problems because that will instill the knowledge in your brain and will make it hard for you to miss any question that comes along those lines. It is impossible to learn statistics through Reading only. You need to repeat the concepts and practices continuously for you to get the gist of statistics.

  • Check for reoccurring themes

In the process of reading for statistics, you will find that there’s a bunch of critical skills that will keep popping now and then in your material. If you find this information accurate, you must go ahead and ask the instructor to emphasize their areas for your understanding.

  • Use your psychology

You should therefore recognize that statistics as a whole is more Major than all the parts combined. You can quickly get clan on some final details which may for the eyes, disabling you to see the whole forest because of the multiple trees before your eyes. Ensure that you use all the tools that you can for you to pass this subject.

  • If you suffer anxiety, try combating it

Several students suffer the anxiety of statistics or math. Many institutions worldwide know and understand how this problem occurs and then go-ahead to provide some counseling programs that will enable the children to cope with this disability. Ensure that you ask for help with homework if you are among the students who feel this way because, after all, passing and getting a good grade will mean that you enjoyed all the struggles and problems along the way to emerge as a winner. It may be the best decision that you make while you are in your undergraduate institution. The best thing that you can do to yourself is not lying to your body or mind because it is you who is making you better.

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